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i dont know about anyone else, but i think pretentious college kids should bite me.

i was at this shitty place called the java-hut tonight for my friends show, and one of the snotty little fucks that works there tells me theres a one drink minimum, and that if i dont get a drink, i have to leave. i asked why. he said "well see im in college and i haev to pay this thing called tuition, and if you dont buy a cup of coffe, or something else, then i dont make any money and that tuition thing, yeah i gotta pay it." and i said "look guy. two things. one: at least you have a damn job. i got fired from mine. and two: i may be poor, and not have any money to buy your damn nasty coffee, but at least i can manage to buy underwear, and sew the holes in my pants." (what i neglected to mention is that this kid had a huge hole in the ass of his pants, and was NOT wearing boxers or anything. how pleasant!) and oh man, that kid was pissed at me. but i never bought a drink, and i sure as hell didnt get kicked out. so fuck him.

then i found 20 bucks on the ground. that makes my story good.

who wants some coke? i want some coke. i already drank alotta soda, and had 2 expresso doubleshots wowo im fucking awake coke rocks gimme some coke.
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